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*** Certification et flottes ***


The training is aimed at acquiring intellectual and technical skills in flight planning, preparation, flight realization, the ability to react appropriately in a given situation, image taking, etc.

So your pilot knows:

  • Aeronautical law and aviation regulations
  • The UAV air operation
  • The drone, its structure and systems
  • The flight environment, including aviation meteorology, airspace, airports, etc.
  • Civil, personal and professional liability
  • Applications of civil light UAV theft in Canada

Your pilot did, during his training:

  • 35 hours of "aviation" theory
  • 35 hours of "droning" theory
  • About 16 hours of assembly workshop
  • Compte plus de 100 heures de vol actuellement

Our approach is that of recognized commercial aviation professionals. A UAV is an aircraft, this consideration is that of the regulatory authorities and, like any aircraft, the rigour associated with operations must be maximum.

Our Fleet:

Inspire 2 avec X5S et lentilles Olympus

Mavic 2 Pro

Mavic Air 2 (endroit restreint)


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